Art for Art's Sake at Sydney Fringe

Rosie spoke with the multi-talented Sage Godrei, part of the creative team at On the Cusp Productions this week about their upcoming show Art for Art's Sake at the Sydney Fringe Festival. September is the month for the Sydney Arts and theatre scene to come alive with activity thanks to the Fringe Festival and the awesome teams behind these new, innovative works. Sage is an Artistic force to be reckoned with as an Actor, Writer and Producer! Have a read of Rosie's interview with her below:

See Art for Art's Sake from September 12-15th


Tell us a bit of about the process of creating your work, 'Art for Art's Sake'. How did this work come to fruition, and why did you choose to perform it at the Sydney Fringe Festival?

As an emerging playwright and actor I try to make the most of fringe festivals as they are a safe place to try out new work. I’m still learning how to write and don’t actually believe I’ve written my best work yet. This play was developed through personal inner battles in regards to working full time or leaving time for acting jobs to come in. I found that as I matured I need to be validated through the material aspects of life, like travel and having nice things and I am finding that teaching story writing for a family business in primary schools and facilitating workshops is helping me to self-fund my plays and films.


This is the 4th 60-minute piece that you've written for the stage. Do these short plays follow similar themes or have a similar style? Does the 60-minute format have any particular relevance?


The 60 minute format fits in with the Sydney Fringe Festival timeslots when sharing the stage. The plays actually start off longer, but once they are manicured down to production copy they are more like 60 minutes. Often there is room for the play to be at least another 30 minutes to develop character’s backstory’s further.


What would you like your audience to understand/learn by the end of the play?


I would love to see any family relations that have been damaged due to careers in the arts healed. Also I’d like for people to be less fearful of art, to create more inclusiveness around theatre where people who are not artistically inclined can still enjoy the spectacle.


What can audiences expect when they see 'Art for Art's Sake' - a comedy, drama, something else?


They can expect a dark comic, family story about the meaning of success for 2 siblings set in the genre of the surreal.


How valuable do you believe the function of art is in our society?


Art inspires, entertains, helps to stimulate imagination. Each of these aspects aid in good communication, identity creation and the ability to problem solve and create social mores that better society. I believe without art there would be a very different consciousness apparent and people would seem less self-aware and compassionate.


Why should this work be seen, especially by a 2018 audience?


 I believe the themes of Art for Art’s Sake resonate strongly now more than ever. There is more pressure for young people to get double majors and it’s more challenging to be able to break into housing market that dedicating a life to artistic endeavours is almost thought of as ludicrous and a waste of time compared to a career in finance or medicine. As society is becoming more technological – I think Art becomes more important as symbols and signs help develop our consciousness too.


What have you learned throughout the process of creating 'Art for Art's Sake'?


 I try to challenge myself each show I do – this show I’ve learnt more about rear projection.


Why was it important to you to work with an all-female team?


 I think male and female actors need to get more used to having female key creatives as the perspective of women being acknowledged will only make for a more well rounded society.




Favourite production you have ever seen?

The Animals and Children Took to the Streets, by 1927


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Turin, Italy


Dream role in any show to perform?

To play any part in Anthony Neilsen’s Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness


Plays or musicals?



Who is your industry inspiration?

Justin Shoulder


What’s next for you after this show?

I’m continuing with some further script-writing and awaiting a National cinema release of a feature film I’m in come November 2018.


Art for Art's Sake is playing at Chippen St Theatre from 12 September to 15 September 2018. Make sure not to miss out on your tickets by purchasing them here today!

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