An Enemy of the People at Belvoir

The wonderful Nikita Waldron answered Carly's questions this week ahead of her opening in An Enemy of the People at Belvoir. This young performer is absolutely one to watch, having already starred in some very powerful works since graduating from NIDA and with some big projects on the horizon. An Enemy of the People sees Waldron co-starring alongside powerhouse of the theatre scene, Kate Mulvany, and the supreme Catherine Davies, to name a few, and opens at Belvoir this week! Find out more about the show and Nikita below:





























I want to start off by asking about this new adaptation of An Enemy of the People by Melissa Reeves after Henrik Ibsen. What in your opinion are the biggest changes that audiences can expect to see and what has the process been like in bringing a brand new version of this classic Ibsen play been like?

The most obvious changes are that Dr Stockmann is a woman and it’s set in a country town in modern day Australia. Ibsen’s play covers huge ideas about truth and the ease at which society ignores it, offering education as the solution. Whereas our adaptation uses the female lens to effectively stage a modern-day parable about people in positions of power hiding the truth for the sake of their own selfish gain. And, quite fittingly, it doesn’t provide the audience with a concrete solution. Because in today’s world while we’re less ignorant about the truths of many issues, it’s easier to just ignore them when going about our daily lives. However, like Ibsen, we do still want to offer our audience hope. So, much of the adapting and refining process has involved deciphering what it is about Ibsen’s play that is still relevant, and how to make the story applicable to today’s world. And that requires a continuous flexibility and openness when approaching the work.

Tell me about Petra. Who is she and what do you feel you have learnt or discovered from playing her?

Petra is smart, driven and passionate. Her moral compass is incredibly strong and she never compromises her values. She’s far more unapologetic and brave than I am, and fights for what she knows to be right. In a world where the female voice isn’t always heard, she makes sure that she uses every possible means at her disposal to voice her opinions and is a true advocate of justice. Playing her has caused me to question just how far women still have to go to be heard.

Since graduating from NIDA in 2017 you have undertaken some exciting projects including the acclaimed production of the The Wolves at the Old Fitz and Youth and Destination with Mainfesto Theatre Co., and I know that as well as this show you have Mosquitos at STC coming up next year. What do you look for in a show and/or a show team that helps you know that this is the right project for you?

For me, first and foremost I really want to work with directors that I trust. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant female directors in the past year, including Jess Arthur on a couple of plays – and knowing that she is directing ‘Mosquitoes’ is the main reason I am so drawn to the project. And then of course, I want gripping and relevant content and characters that I can really sink my teeth in to, so I can remain invested in the work. Working with our director Anne-Louise Sarks on this project ticks all those boxes.   

I’d love to ask about working with this team of both cast and creatives – what an amazing group of people! How have rehearsals been together? Has this particular show impacted you as an actor at all? And if so, how?

It’s a mind-blowing team. I am in complete awe of Kate Mulvany, having studied her work at uni (before I was even acting) and she really is the most generous and courageous actor imaginable. As for Anne-Louise and the other cast members, I’d seen some of their work in the last few years, so I was honestly pretty star struck for a while. As it’s my first mainstage theatre gig, it’s been a steep learning curve and this show has impacted me immensely, but I love learning from everyone in that room. Every day is like an acting masterclass…with a lot of laughs.

Why is it important for audiences to see An Enemy of the People? What makes this show so relevant in 2018?

The show is going to impact different people for different reasons. It covers a lot of political issues and really exposes the way in which certain systems and attitudes govern our lives, often without us questioning them. It really gets me thinking about the issues I choose to ignore. While it’s a story about toxic spa water, it can be applied to a whole range of bigger, pressing issues - so it’s hugely relevant to our 2018 context.


Favourite production you have ever seen?

I’m a big fan of Shakespeare and Gangster films so I’d have to say STC’s ‘‘The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui’


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Dream role to perform?

I always wanted to be Marty McFly in ‘Back to the Future’.


Plays or musicals?

To watch – musicals. To perform in – plays.


A hobby you have beyond the theatre?



What’s next for you after this show?

I’ll be back at Belvoir doing ‘The Wolves’! I can’t wait.


Tickets to An Enemy of the People are still available here with tickets for students starting at just $37.

Nikita Waldron

In Rehearsal with Co-Stars Kate Mulvany and Catherine Davies. Image Supplied.

In Rehearsal with Co-Stars Kate Mulvany and Catherine Davies. Image Supplied.

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